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Peterborough Community Inclusion Awards

Community Inclusion Awards was developed as a result of Peterborough being chosen as one of the five local authorities Integration areas in the country which encourages inclusion as a way of Integrating communities. The UK Government’s Communities Strategy Green Paper, March 2018, highlights the need for positive action towards Integration, Community Inclusion and meaningful social mixing.

Peterborough Community Inclusion Awards 2019 Peterborough Community Inclusion Awards

#PCIA19 is aimed at recognising individuals and organisations who have made an outstanding contribution to equality, diversity and inclusion. The PCIA19 will bring together under one roof the leading movers and shakers in business, media, politics and the third sector. It recognises the great work that is already happening in Peterborough, building stronger, more united communities.

The champions will be honoured at the ceremony showcasing their exceptional commitment to embrace the community spirit that makes Peterborough a great city to live, work and study for all members of the community notwithstanding their cultural or racial background, religion or belief, gender, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, age and disability, relationship status. it is only in doing so that we will build a stronger city that is vibrant and alive.

It is time to start celebrating and elevating those who are making diversity and inclusion a big deal in Peterborough and the surrounding areas. Migrant communities and settled communities alike need motivation and inspiration.

#PCIA!9 awards are for people, communities, and companies who inspire other individuals through their work, through their commitment to helping others.

Peterborough Community Inclusion Awards 2019 Vision

The Vision

Our ambitious vision is to adopt strong integrated communities where people from all backgrounds; live, work, learn and socialise together, based on shared rights, responsibilities and opportunities.

Peterborough Community Inclusion Awards 2019 The Goal

The Goal

Our Goal is to recognise and celebrate organisations and communities that make community inclusion and meaningful social mixing with other communities’ top of their priorities

About the Organisers

The event is organised and coordinated by a team of professionals from a diverse range of organisations led by Amina Chitembo, the Founder and President of the Community Inclusion AwardsTM. She is the CEO of Diverse Cultures Advice and Coaching Peterborough based business helping businesses and individuals around the world to increase their productivity, diversity and inclusion. She is also a book writing coach and owner of Diverse Cultures Publishing a company that publishes personal development self-help books in Migration, Diversity and Leadership.

She is a multi-award-winning British-Zambian Publisher, Author, International Speaker, High-performance coach and trainer. Her businesses specialise in bridging the gaps between minority communities and settled or resident populations thereby building stronger, more united international communities.

She helps people to improve their own lives by raising their profiles creating opportunities for credibility, collaboration, and employment for all communities.

Peterborough Community Inclusion Awards 2019 About Amina

She also promotes authors, speakers and artists through various channels including the prestigious International Speakers, Authors, and Artists Conference and Book Exhibition. The next International Speakers, Authors and Artists Conference will be held at the Marriott Hotel in Peterborough, United Kingdom, on 6th July 2019.